Airtel Internet Pack List 2022 Data Plans, Price and Validity

airtel internet pack list Are you looking for the best internet pack? Here are the best Airtel net packs. The telecom operator takes full care of your data needs with its cheap plans that are available to all customers. Enjoy high-speed connectivity with Airtel Net Pack List 2022. Airtel Net Pack has undergone significant changes following the recent price hike. Here are the top plans you can choose to stay connected to. You can also save on net packs with Airtel prepaid recharge offers.

airtel internet pack list

Airtel 4G Data Plans

With Airtel, customers have a variety of options to choose from according to their needs and budget. You can choose from a net pack starting from Rs. After 48 you also get a net pack with 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, and 3GB of data per day. Airtel data boosters and long-term packs also add to the net pack selection. In the meantime, you can buy Korkore and lease packs and get free data vouchers. Data vouchers can be redeemed from the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel 4G Internet pack List

Airtel Net Pack DataValidity
1551GB24 Days
1792GB28 Days
2651 GB/Day28 Days
2991.5 GB/Day28 Days
3592 GB/Day28 Days
4556 GB84 Days
4791.5 GB/Day56 Days
5492 GB/Day56 Days
6993 GB/Day56 Days
7191.5GB/Day84 Days
8392GB/Day84 Days

Airtel Net Pack Recharge Plans List

As you can see in the table above Airtel Net packs come with a variety of choices. Recharge packs provide fast data as per customer requirements. You can choose any plan according to your daily data consumption. You can get up to 3GB of fast data per day. Net packs come with additional benefits that vary from one plan to another. For example Rs. The 699 pack offers 56 days of free access to Amazon Prime. Similarly Rs. The 599 pack comes with a Disney + Hotstar subscription.

Airtel Net Packs with 1GB/Day

If you are looking for a net pack with 1GB of data then you can buy Airtel Rs. Can recharge with 239 prepaid packs. Once the daily data limit expires, the speed of your data will drop to 64Kbps. It comes with a validity of 24 days. In addition, you get unlimited calling on all networks. Airtel is offering 100 SMS daily with its new 1GB / Day pack. Additional benefits include free access to the Airtel Xstream app and Wynk Music. You can get any song as your hello tune.

Airtel Net Pack with 1.5GB per Day

Rs. 29928 Days
Rs. 47956 Days
Rs. 71984 days

There are three choices for this category. Rs 299 pack offers a validity of 28 days while Rs. The 479 pack comes with a validity of 56 days. Rupee Airtel’s 719 pack offers prepaid customers a period of 84 days. Other benefits include unlimited calling, 100 SMS / day, and free access to Airtel Xstream Premium.

Airtel InternetPack with 2GB Data per Day

Rs. 35928 Days
Rs. 54956 Days
Rs. 83956 Days
Rs. 2999365 Days

If you’re looking for a net pack with 2GB of data per day, Airtel has a maximum of three choices available in this category. Both Rs 359 and Rs 549 provide 2GB of data daily for 28 days and 56 days. There is also Rs. 839 pack that offers 2GB of data daily for 84 days. You can also choose Rs. 2,999 plan for 1 year period. These are Airtel’s latest plans after a 20-25% increase in prices by the company.

Airtel Net Pack with 3GB Data Per Day

Rs. 59928 days
Rs. 69956 Days

When it comes to net packs, with 3GB of data per day, Airtel users have two choices. The Rs 599 pack comes with 3GB of data daily for 28 days. Rs 699 Net Pack provides 3GB of data daily for 56 days. Other benefits include unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS per day, and free access to Airtel Xstream Premium. Customers get Disney + Hotstar subscription for Rs. 599 plan. While Rs. The 699 plan comes with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Airtel Net Packs with Long Validity

Airtel Net Pack DataValidity
Rs. 179924 GB365 Days
Rs. 29992 GB/Day 365 Days
Rs. 33592 GB/Day365 Days

If you are looking for a long-term solution, Airtel has two packs that offer 365 days. You get 24GB of data with Rs. 1799 pack while Rs. The 2999 pack provides 2GB of data daily for 365 days. With the benefits of data, you get 100 SMS / day and really unlimited calls. Airtel is also offering benefits with its NetPack recharge plans, such as access to Airtel Xstream Premium, free Hello Tunes, Wink Music, and more. If you need more than that, you can also choose Airtel Booster Pack. For your additional data needs, Airtel has come up with a 4G booster pack for its customers. When your daily data is used, you can recharge with Booster Pack to enjoy fast data. Here are the best booster packs available to Airtel customers.

Airtel 4G Add-on Plans List

Airtel Booster PackDataValidity
Rs. 583GB28 Days
Rs. 11812GBExisting Plan
Rs. 14815GBExisting Plan
Rs. 30150GBExisting Plan

Airtel Internet Pack List 4G

The table above lists Airtel’s three most popular 4G net packs. Rs 401 net pack was recently introduced by the telecom operator. Airtel Rs 401 pack comes with 3GB of data per day. An added benefit is a free Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription. Rs 48, Rs 98, and Rs 401 packs do not provide voice and SMS benefits to customers.

Airtel Postpaid Net Pack

You can also opt for Airtel Postpaid Net Plan for faster data. With postpaid plans, there is no daily data limit. Most prepaid plans offered by telecom operators come with a daily data limit. If you want to use unlimited high-speed data then Airtel postpaid is more suitable for your needs. Telecom operators have popular postpaid plans that you can use on your dongle. Airtel postpaid plans also come with data rollover facilities. Data that remains unused is rolled over to the next month. Depending on your data requirements, you can choose a postpaid plan for dongle recharge. You also get various additional benefits with Airtel’s postpaid plans like free Amazon Prime, Zee5 premium, Airtel Xstream, and handset protection. In addition, you get 2 free add-on SMS with Rs. 749, Rs. 999, and Rs. 1,599 projects.

Get free Disney + Hotstar VIP membership with Airtel Net Packs.

Airtel has introduced a new prepaid plan to give customers free access to Disney + Hotstar VIP subscriptions. The cost of the new plan is Rs. 401. Rs 401 Pack provides 30GB of data to customers for 28 days. Customers also get a 1-year free subscription to Disney + Hotstar VIP. However, this pack does not offer users any voice or SMS benefits. The newly introduced pack comes as a data booster pack for users with more data needs.

Airtel Net Pack with Disney + Hotstar VIP Subscription

PriceValidityDataVoice Calling
Rs. 59928 Days3GB Per DayUnlimited

Airtel has introduced new prepaid plans which include free Disney + Hotstar VIP membership which is priced at Rs. 499. The Rs. 599 plan comes with 3GB of data per day with unlimited calling for 28 days. This plan comes with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. After the transaction is completed, the user must log in to Disney + Hotstar using the same number to start a free subscription. With IPL streaming on Disney + Hotstar, this is a great opportunity for subscribers to get free subscriptions.

Get free Airtel data voucher with Net Pack.

Airtel is offering 2GB of extra data for free on selected NetPacks. Customers get 2 data vouchers of 1GB. Airtel free data vouchers are applicable on Rs. 219 and above. You can choose one of the 28 days recharge packs of Rs. 219 and up to get free vouchers. The free data voucher scheme is similar to Jio. The telecom operator rewards customers with additional data at festivals. Jio customers also get free data vouchers on recharge with the company’s top-up plans.

Airtel Rs 349 Net Pack Offer – Get Amazon Prime Membership Free And 2GB Per Day.

The telecom operator has also started offering Amazon Prime membership to prepaid customers. Get Amazon Prime membership and 2 GB / day free for 28 days with Rs. 349 Recharge Plan. The new pack is part of the Airtel Thanksgiving offer. If you are an Airtel subscriber, download the latest version of its mobile app to take advantage of the offer. The My Airtel app has been rebranded as the Airtel Thanks app and is available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store. Once you recharge with Rs. 349 plan, activate your Amazon Prime membership from the Airtel Thanks app.

Benefits of Airtel Internet Pack List 2022

Airtel is offering free access to the Airtel TV app and Wynk Music with unlimited 4G plans. Meanwhile, Airtel has launched Wynk Tube as a new streaming app for its users.

  • Enjoy unlimited music downloads for free on the Wynk Music
  • app for a 4-week free course at Shaw Academy Wynk Music
  • Access to Airtel Xstream App Premium

I hope all the information helps you choose the best net pack for Airtel. The telecom operator keeps bringing new packs and we promise to update the post with the best available packs from time to time.

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