Best Mobile For Pubg Budget phones For Pubg Under 20,000 & 30,000

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently one of the most famous online multiplayer battle royale games in the world. It was developed and released by PUBG Corporation and gained immense fame in a short period of time. There are different versions of the game like PubG lite etc. In addition to that, different authorities hold an international competition of PubG every now and then in which participants come from all around the globe. However, most people tend to play multiplayer on their smartphones. There are PubG lovers who can’t afford high tech expensive smartphones. Therefore, they are always in a query about which smartphone to buy at a budget price. Well, they don’t need to worry as we are going to mention a list of best mobiles for PubG under the 20k-30k price range.

  • Large ram and internal storage so you can easily download heavy games like pubg.
  • A powerful and high performance chipset.
  • Rate a good update
  • Good heat consumption and temperature control system so that your smartphone is not too hot.
  • Display graphics support for pubg.
  • A big battery so that you don’t have a charging problem all the time.
  1. Redmi 10

Xiaomi redmi is the best mobile for 10 pubg that you can buy under a 30k price tag. Redmi 10 is regarded as the best device for pubg because a smartphone has good features that are required for a seamless gaming experience. Device is run by midrange powerful mediatek helio g88 (12nm) chipset which is considered good to play pubg. Furthermore, it has a 90hz refresh rate that also allows seamless gaming experience without break. Apart from this there is 4 gb ram and 64 gb internal storage which is also expensible. So there is a lot of smartphone to play pubg. Along with this, there is a powerful 5000 mah battery so you will have no electricity problem. The performance of gyroscope in redmi 10 is also good, so you can use it easily.

Pubg Settings On redmi 10

Pubg Settings on redmi 10 are ok. You can play on seamless, balanced and hd Settings. However there is no HDR support. Users can choose ultra Settings on seamless and balanced graphics Settings. While on hd graphics, can play the game on medium and high setting with good FPS.


Redmi 10 30k is the best phone for pubg mobile under price range. You can buy redmi 10 for PKR 29,999.

2 Techno Pova 2 :

Tecno pova is another best phone for 2 pubg you can buy under 30k price range. Pova 2 is considered the best budget phone for pubg because of the presence of mediatek helio g85 (12nm) chipset this phone is counted pva 2. Pova2 is considered the best gaming phone for pubg because the presence of this chipset and the presence of a large memory space. The smartphone is equipped with 6gb of ram and 128gb of internal storage. Gyroscope also works well in tecno pova 2. Finally, the smartphone is packed with a humun7000 mah battery that is more than enough to play pubg.

Pubg Settings on Techno Pova 2

Setting of pubg on tecno pova 2 is similar to redmi 10. Users can play on a smooth, balanced and hd setting without HDR support. Furthermore, you can select ultra Settings on smooth and balanced graphics Settings. In case of hd graphics, can play the game on medium and high setting with good FPS.


Pova2 is the best mobile for pubg under 30000 launched by tecno. Smartphone available for PKR 28,999.

3 infinix Note 10

New note for all infinix lovers is the best gaming phone for 10 PBG which is under 30000 price range. Smartphone is equipped with a powerful mediatek helio g85 (12nm) chipset that provides an immersive experience for gaming. Moreover, there is 4gb ram and 128gb internal storage which is enough to play pubg. The basic refresh rate is but you get a battery mass of 5000 mah so you shouldn’t worry about charging. However, gyroscope does not work properly and there is a slight break when you use it.

Pubg settings On Infinix Note 10:

Pubg Settings on infinix note 10 are similar to the smartphones mentioned. You can play on seamless, balanced and hd Settings without any HDR support. Moreover, you can choose ultra Settings on smooth and balanced graphics Settings while for hd graphics you can run the game on medium and high Settings with good FPS.

Verdict :

Infinix note 10 30 kg under price tag is one of the best phones for pubg mobile. Smartphone is available for PKR 26,999.

Best Mobiles For Pubg Under 20000:

Most you won’t find the best smartphones to play pubg under a 20k price tag. However, after hours of research, we have found 3 devices that are relatively good to play pubg under 20000.

1 Redmi 9c:

Xiaomi redmi 9c is currently the best phone for pubg under 20000 price tag. This mediatek presents helio g35 (12nm) as a chipset which is perfectly fine to play pubg but with some lags. Though, the pubg lite version would have gone smoothly. 32gb is internal storage as well as 3gb ram but you can extend the ROM. Still not enough to support the ram pubg on hd graphics. You can also feel the lags while using gyro. However, there is a battery of 5000 mah so you do not worry about electricity.

Pubg Settings On Redmi 9c :

In redmi 9c, you can enjoy pubg only on seamless and balanced graphics in medium Settings with relatively good FPS.


Redmi 9 sep is the best device for pubg under 20000 and available for PKR 19,999.

2:Realme C21 :

Realme has been working on making gaming phones under budget price. Realme c21 is such an example. C21 is powered by mediatek helio g35 (12nm) with a fine chipset under this price tag. Furthermore there is 4 gb ram and 64 gb internal storage in terms of memory space. 5000 mah has a massive battery to minimize charging issues. However, jero works with a while, so pubg lite will be the best option to play on this smartphone.

Pubg Settings On Realme C21

Realme c21 enables users to play pubg on seamless and balanced graphics on medium Settings with a great FPS.


For realme lovers who are looking for smartphones below the 20k price range, surely this is the best option for them. Realme c21 available for PKR 19,500.

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