Cpunterpoint: Apple is the Undisputed leader in the United States

Counterpoint Research published its analysis of the smartphone market in Europe in the third quarter today and now publishes the same data for the United States. Although the Old Continent has a diverse selection of manufacturers, American citizens predominantly use Apple or Samsung phones, and both companies increase their advantage over their competitors. The total market grew 1% annually, despite the ongoing global component shortage.

Research Director Jeff Fieldhack revealed that there is an upward trend in the US market. Apple increased its sales volume by 9%, while Samsung recorded an annual increase of 18%. Even with the shortage, Apple’s iPhone 13, launched in September, contributed 17% of all sales in the third quarter of 2021. Expectations are that the trend will continue and Cupertino will remain strong.

Samsung increased its share mainly due to the two new foldables, as well as bringing its more affordable 5G smartphone, the Galaxy A32 5G, to the US market. It is sold both through carriers such as T-Mobile and with prepaid plans through Metro (also owned by T-Mobile).

Analysts noted that small brands like BLU, HMD, and Wiko continue to cater to the low-end market, but Apple and Samsung’s dominance is unmatched – basically, eight out of ten phones are from one of these two companies.

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