Free Internet Lastest 100% Working Code 2022

Free Internet Lastest 100% Working Code 2022

Zong Mobile Broadband Company is known for its cheap internet and call packages. But they still have many users who try to use different tricks and codes to get free data from Zong.

Most of these tricks did not work for him and he became frustrated. Also, there are a lot of useless codes available on the internet that don’t work most of the time.Free Internet Lastest 100% Working Code 2022

So, here we are sharing Zong Free Internet Code which will work so that you can win free internet gift from Zong. Not only that, but I will share some effective techniques that will help you to enjoy YouTube streaming for free.

Are you already tired of such bad things? No worries at all. In this post, I will let you know if you confirm the offer from Zong Company. You can use such methods and offers to use free mobile internet.

How to get free internet on Zong

Currently, Zong TEMP has different offers for different types of customers. These offers are free to use and may be available by dialing the code directly. The most popular and well-known offer from Zong is called free browser offer. Zong’s free internet offer is always updated with different codes. Each Internet code provides you with different amounts of data with its own accuracy.Free Internet Lastest 100% Working Code 2022

Zong free browser offer code

Let’s take a look at the list of the latest codes below:

Enjoy free 1500MB Dial * 537 * 2 #.
Dial * 56 * 8 * 23 # to enjoy free 500MB.
1GB free for 1 dayDial another code * 7863 * 86 #.
Dial * 117 * 111 * 2 # for 2GB free data.
Get 4GB free for 1 dayDial * 568 # * 11 # or * 44 # or * 102 #.
Dial * 563 * 85 * 23 # and enjoy Zong 1GB of data for one week.
Note: These codes may change at any time. If none of this works, please try again.

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Zong SIM Application Offer

If you have Zong Reactive SIM, insert it in your smartphone and dial * 2244 # or send SMS to 2244. After that, you will get 4000 MB free internet.

Zong Free Facebook Code

Zong enables users to use Zong Free Facebook for Rs. 0 for a whole day. You will get unlimited free mobile data only on Facebook. This included access to video and photo content.

No need to dial code or subscribe to the bundle. Just go to Enable feature>

In the Facebook> Login Account> Settings drop-down menu you will find Facebook Free Mode> Enable it.

Zong’s new SIM offer free code

Zong offers 2GB of free internet data when you buy and activate a new SIM. With Zong’s new SIM offer you can use up to 3 days of data. No charges apply but for internet section, you should have Rs. 0.01 / –

Offer Cost Rs
Offer period 3 days
Dial * 10 # to activate the offer.
2 GB free internet

Zong Free Internet Code Trick 1

Follow these steps to connect to the Internet at no cost. You may experience a slight slowdown but better at night but faster during the day.

From the Play Store, download and install UC Handler.
Tap on Settings and add UC Handler: Real Proxy
Add HTTP to the Type field.
Original Proxy Server:
Port: 80
Download the Yoga VPN now and connect to the default setting.
Enjoy Zong’s free internet in UC Handler, once you’re connected.

Free 130 GB mobile data

You can also use UC Browser to access more websites than YouTube. To do this you need to launch UC Browser. In the address bar, type “” You will now be automatically redirected to the Kproxy website. Here you can enjoy free internet.Free Internet Lastest 100% Working Code 2022


There are many more ways to do this, but there are a lot of issues, so I did not share them. These are the best way to get free internet using Zong SIM. I will update this list when I am able to find a real way to get free internet.

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