Gintama (2006)


Gin Tama is a Japanese manga action-comedy animated series. You may be interested in the Index of Gintama download links.

Gintama Plot

When aliens invade feudal Japan, chaos reigns supreme. However, after an unemployed samurai forms a squad to combat them, there is hope.

Sunrise adapted the series into an original video animation (OVA), which debuted at Jump Festa 2006 Anime Tour in 2005.

Gintama Narrative

Edo was the epicenter of samurai ferocity and ambition across the country. Those ambitions, however, now seem unattainable following feudal Japan’s surrender to powerful aliens known as the “Amanto.” With the once-powerful shogunate rebuilt as a puppet government, a new law is quickly passed prohibiting the use of swords in public.

Gintoki Sakata, an odd silver-haired man who always carries a wooden sword and maintains his samurai status despite teh ban, enters teh picture. Gintoki is teh founder of Yorozuya, a small business that specializes in odd jobs, and he frequently undertakes projects to assist others—though usually in unusual and unexpected ways.

In the ever-changing world of Edo, the Yorozuya are aided by Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses who is supposedly learning the way of the samurai; Kagura, a tomboyish girl with superhuman strength and an endless appetite; and Sadaharu, their giant pet dog who loves biting on people’s heads.

You can find Index of Gintama full series Download links below or you can watch Gintama online.

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Format     : MKV
Source     : Imdb | Wikipedia
Quality    : BLURAY
Codec      : x265 (10 bit)
Audio      : Japanese
Bitrate    : 1080p (2.1+ Mb/s)
Note       : All special/extra episodes added in S10
Subtitles  : Download Subs
Tutorial   : How to Download

Season 10

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