Google pixal 6 pro undergoes durability Test

YouTuber JerryRigEverything never lets us down when it comes to testing the durability of the latest smartphones. The next device to pass Zack’s torture test is the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Starting with the camera bar (also called the camera visor), it extends about 2.5 mm from the back of the phone. The flat part of the camera cover is made of flat glass, but the curved parts are made of plastic and the length of the camera bar that is spread on the back of the phone makes it so that it does not fall on the table.

The sides, bottom, buttons, and SIM tray are all made of aluminum, but the upper part of the frame is made of plastic due to the installation of an antenna, probably mmWave. Both the rear glass panel and the front display glass are made of guerrilla glass vectors with light scratches visible on MoH’s hardness level 6 and deep grooves on level 7.

After going through the “Pixel Burn Test”, the Pixel 6 Pro gets some scratches on the top of the display fingerprint reader. After speculating that the dual pan glass and camera bar may be a cause for concern for structural integrity failure, the Pixel 6 Pro Zack’s twist test is done.

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