How To Check Zong MBs On Device Complete Details 2022

How To Check Zong MBs On Device Complete Details 2022

In the case of mobile SIM, it is simple, and most of us are familiar with the procedure of checking the remaining MB, but when you have a device, and you have to check the balance data, what will you do if You don’t t No How to check Zong MBS on device? This is not a bad situation for us, and that’s why we’ve brought you a step-by-step guide on how you can check out the rest of Zong MBS on a 4G device.

This article will show you 4 ways to check the rest of the data on Zong 4G device. So if you don’t want to, you need to read it to the end.How To Check Zong MBs On Device Complete Details 2022

Our Ways to Check Zong Mbs on Device 2022

Below is a complete way to check the rest of the data in Zong 4G device. Whatever Zong device you have, you can check the rest of the MB by following the same procedure.

How to check Zong MB on device using Zong Master Number.

This is the first way to check the rest of the Zong MBS with Zong Master Number. But first, you need to know that Zongmaster is the number one watt.How To Check Zong MBs On Device Complete Details 2022

When you purchase a Zong 4G device, you must provide a number when filling out your franchise form. You call this mobile number the master number of Zong.

To check the rest of Zong’s data in your device:

Dial * 6767 #
Select the option “Use MBB #”
You will receive a message on your master number containing details of the remaining resources on your MBB number.

Data usage check from Zong MBB number

Another way to check Zong MBS on the device is through Zong MBB number. But first, what exactly is the Zong MBB number?

When you open the Zong device, you will receive a SIM inside it. This SIM is called Zong MBB number. On this SIM jacket you will see a number with the company written on it. The name of this number is your Zong device MBB number.How To Check Zong MBs On Device Complete Details 2022

  • Please take MBB SIM from the device and insert it in any available handset to check the remaining resources.
  • Dial * 102 #
  • Select option (4) (Description free internet)
  • You will receive a message containing the details of your available MB.
  • Insert MBB SIM into Zong Mobile Broadband Device to enjoy high speed data services.

My Zong app to check Zong MB on the device

If you want to verify the rest of Zong’s MBS online, you can use the My Zong app for your purpose. dis is a straightforward process, and you only need to follow the steps below.

  • First, download and install the MyZong app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to the app with your device’s admin username and password.
  • This will activate your mobile and connect it to your Zong MBB device.
  • Now to check the remaining MB, click on Usage Details.

How to check Zong MB on device from device portal.

If you cannot use all of the methods described above, you can check the data usage from the teh device portal.
If you access the portal of your device, it blocks the way it works by connecting to a laptop or computer to work.

  • Attach the Zong Bolt or Wingle device to your laptop. Next, open the browser and type in the address bar and click Enter. This Zong device will present the login screen.
  • Type in the default username and password “admin” and press the login button.
  • After successfully logging in, click “Use” to get details about the rest of the data MB. Do the same by clicking on “Check Balance” to know the details of current SIM balance and expiry.
  • A collision with any service, such as a balance check or usage, will send you a confirmation message about the features of the service.

Zong Device Packages List:Zong Device Packages

Next, click the SMS tab on the top bar and get the full details about the service.
How to check the remaining MBs / data in Zong 4G device is a complete process. But if you have any queries or questions regarding dispost, you can ask us through the comments box below.

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