How To Zong MB Check Code 2022

Here we will learn how to check Zong Free MB check code or Zong MB in Zong 4G internet packages. Whenever you subscribe to Zong Internet package you always find out how much free internet MB or data I have left.

Disc code is very straight forward and suitable for Zong’s prepaid clients who need to know about other resources like free minutes, SMS, or Internet MB. So here are the full details of the free MB check code.

How To Zong MB Check Code 2022

Zong China Mobile is a Pakistani mobile network operating in Islamabad. There are many offer packages in TEMP including voice, SMS, and internet data services for both prepaid and postpaid customers. dis company TEMP has more than 26 million customers in Pakistan.

Zong MB check code

Zong MB’s check code is * 102 * 4 #. Dial this code to check the rest of your Zong MBS. Finding other resources like Mint, SMS, or MB Internet is very easy.

Zong has made it very easy to check the Internet MB so you only need to remember one code and you can check the rest of each package. You do not need to remember different codes for different packages.

Dial the code * 102 # * 1 # to check all the details of remaining minutes, SMS and MBS. After dialing the code you will get a message on your Zong SIM for the rest of your data. Here’s how to check Zong’s remaining minute SMS and MBS:

All Details*102*1#
Free Remaining Minutes*102*2#
Free Remaining SMS*102*3#
Free Remaining MBs*102*4#

How to check the remaining MB of Zong.

Here’s how to check Zong’s remaining MBs / minutes / SMS.

  • Dial * 102 # from Zong SIM.
  • You will see that the popup has some options.
  • Enter 1 to get all the details about MBS, SMS and minutes.
  • Enter 2 to get details about the remaining minutes.
  • Submit 3 to get details about the rest of the SMS.
  • Enter 4 to get details about the rest of the MBS.
  • This Zong MB check code also works by sending a message (1 or 2 or 3) to 102 to get the relevant details.

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