How To Zong, Telenor ,Ufone,Jazz, Easyload reversal Code

Easyload Reversal Code:

Telenor Easyload Reversal Code,

Jazz Easyload Reversal Code,

Zong Easyload Reversal Code,

Ufone Easyload Reversal

Code Telenor Easyload Inversion Code:* 777 * 55 * PIN * Transaction ID *The transaction ID refers to the easyload confirmation message

Zong Easyload Inversion Code:Write a messagePassword completed, PasswordSend an SMS to 2367

Jazz Easyload Inversion Method:Dial * 510 # and select Recharge Reversal from the menu.

Ufone Easyload / Bundle Reversal Method:for Ufone easyload / bundle reversal dial * 475 # and follow the menuLoad reversal for easy load reversalSuper Card Reverse for supercard reversal.

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