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Everything you need to know about Jazz prepaid calling packages

To accommodate those customers who used jazz simulators, Mobilink’s telecommunications industry offered jazz call packages based on their needs, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Jazz offers different packages to people so their choices help them meet their unique requirements effortlessly. The page is dedicated exclusively to all packages (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly bases updated in 2021 for regular jazz customers. Show moreJazz has retained a market share, customer care, and solution-oriented offerings because since its inception two decades ago. Jazz offers affordable calling packages to its clients, the company also has a wide variety of services to meet the needs of its diverse clients, including teachers, 9 to 5 employees, homemakers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and much more.

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How to subscribe to Jazz Daily Call packages? See the details in the table below.

Jazz Students Offer
subscription Fee Rs.7.5 incl.Tax
One net Mintus Unlimited Minutes
internet Unlimited Mb for Facebook
Drution: 2 Hour (Except 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
Subscribe Code :Dial *3000#
Super Daily Offer
subscription Fee Rs.17 incl.Tax
One net Mintus Unlimited Minutes
Free SMS : 50 SMS
Internet : 150MBs
Drution: 1 Day ( 24 Hour )
Dial *212#
Day Bandle
subscription Fee Rs.14 incl.Tax
One net Mintus 300Mintues
Free SMS : 300 sms
Internet 20MBs
Drution : 1day
Dial Code:Dial *340#

Jazz provides KPK of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province with a special package, offering almost unlimited network minutes for just Rs. 10 with one day.For all those systems that come into operation in any city, the Jazz Apna Sheher package is valid for calls with a city, the user receives 1000 SMS in approximately Rs10 minutes online. For users living in Karachi, the hybrid plan allows customers to spend unlimited jazz minutes for a day for just Rs 10. The F&F plan is also eligible for the same packages – you can make unlimited calls to these users throughout the day if they have actually added FnF users to their list.

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