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Jazz, a leading telecom company with a huge customer base in Pakistan, believes in high-quality connectivity. This is why he struggles to provide the best services to customers to keep in touch with his beloved. The company provides affordable calls, SMS and Internet packages. To stay in touch with loved ones and update with surrounding, jazz is also offering affordable wifi and mifi 4g devices Internet packages. All users who own jazz Internet devices will know about all the affordable packages offered by jazz in this article. Jazz Internet devices include jazz super 4g wifi, super 4g wingle and jazz home wifi.

Device Internet package Details


PriceDetailsValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 999 (Recharge AMOUNT)30GB30 Days (15 GB usable 1am to 9pm*117*71# Status code *117*71*2#


PriceDetailsValiditySubscrition code
Rs. 1500 (Recharge AMOUNT)60GB30Days ( 30GB usable 1am To 9pm*117*73# Status code *117*73*2#


PriceDetails Validity Subscription Code
Rs. 2000 (Recharge AMOUNT)100GB30Days( 30GB usable 1am To 9pm*117*36# Status code *117*36*2#


PriceDetailsValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 2000 (Recharge AMOUNT)150GB30Days( 75GB usable 1am To 9pm*117*74# Status code *117*74*2#

3 Month Bundle

PriceDetailsValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 4000 (Recharge AMOUNT)36GB90days ( 3 months)*117*15# Status code *117*17*2#

6 Month Bundle

PriceDetailsValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 10000(Recharge AMOUNT)75GB180Days ( 6Monthd)*117*16# Status code *117*18*2#

If you buy 60gb rs.1500 /, you will get 3gb extra data for your mobile and if you buy 150gb rs.2500, you will get 7gb data for mobile with bundle plus offer.

Terms And Conditions:

All bundles are off once and will not auto subscribe. These bundles are also available on MBB sim and data sim only.

Internet offer can be subscribed and used in 2g, 3g, and 4g networks.

For recharge and bundle subscription, customer can visit nearest jazz retailer or use other options available to recharge any jazz prepaid number.

To check recharge, bundle subscription and usage, dial * MBB 6363# from other contact number. To check recharge, bundle subscription and usage, go to http://jazz.wifi/ via device wifi and dial *6363#.

Monthly bundles MB quota is dedicated for night usage (1in-9 am) & remaining MB are useable 24 hr.

Basic: 15 gb (24 hr) + 15 gb (usable 1am-9pm) @ rs. 999. Regular: 30 gb (24 hr) + 30 gb (usable 1am-9pm) @ rs. 1500. Heavy: 75 gb (24 hr) + 75 gb (usable 1am-9pm) @ rs. 2500.

Accuracy and usage preference: Dedicated MB quota validity for night usage (1am-9am) and all day usage (24hr) will be 30 days.

More usage will be preferred in MB quota (1am-9am) dedicated for night use. Once night quota is consumed, usage quota will be made available for 24hrs.

Jazz wifi devices features:

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of jazz Internet devices, they are jazz super 4g wifi, super 4g wingle and jazz home wifi. Jazz super 4g wifi device battery capacity comes with 2300 mah and up to 32gb with micro sd card support. It’s offering you WPS wifi. In addition, the device offers you 4g speeds up to 150 MBPS. Jazz super 4g wingle device also comes with up to 32gb micro sd card support. You can connect 12 devices to jazz super 4g wingle at the same time. Jazz home wifi offers you long range wifi. It’s giving you 4g speed up to 150 MBPS.

How to buy a jazz wifi device?

If you are planning to buy any of the jazz wifi devices, you can easily get it. You only have to go near jazz point or retailers, then confirm biometric and select bundle of your choice. For bundle subscription, you must visit the nearest jazz retailer or simply dial *6363# from your device or other jazz contact Numbers.

Recharges and bundle subscription:

You can recharge your MBB number by following the steps below: Get jazz load from retailer, don’t give MBB. Recharge MBB from jazzcash mobile account. Use scratch card Connect to device wifi and go to device portal http://jazz.wifi/. Connect to device wifi and use jazz wifi app. Dial *6363# from registered MBB any other contact number.

Subscribe or change bundle:

Connect to your jazz MBB device via wifi. Login to device portal http://jazz.wifi/ Ussd dial *6363#. Call jazz helpline 111 Visit the nearest jazz retailer. Dial *6363# from your jazz other contact number.

Questions: 1)

which one is MBB contact number?

MBB’s second contact number is the user’s mobile phone number tagged with their MBB device. This number may be jazz or other operator’s mobile number, but if users have jazz number registered as their MBB contact number, they can use ussd menu *6363# at: Recharge your MBB device Subscribe to MB bundles

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