Jazz Monthly Internet package 2022 | Jazz Monthly Internet Code

Jazz Monthly Internet PackagesAll Jazz Monthly Internet Packages are listed below with code.

package Name: Social Packages

5GB Data ( IMO, Facebook And WhatsApp ) 1200 SMS

Rs. 89 (incl.Tax)

Data Price ChargesValiditySubscription Code
24GBRs.89 (incl.Tax) 30days *661#
Unsubscribe CodeBundle information code

Status Code *661*2#

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp package

package Name: Monthly mega Plus

12GB Data ( 6GB 2AM- 2PM )

Rs 349 ( Incl.Tax)

Data price ChargesvaliditySubscription code
12GB349 (Incl.Tax)30days*117*30#

Status Code *117*30*2#

package Name: Monthly Superprime offer

20 GB Data (10GB 2AM – 2PM)

Rs 499 (Incl.Tax)

Dataprice ChagresValiditySubscription code
12GB349 (Incl.Tax) 30days*117*32#

Jazz New Internet Packages

Jazz monthly browser package

IF you just need to use a browser, you can subscribe to this package for 30 days for Rs. 89 only. To subscribe, you have to dial, *709#. Internet speed depends on network connection like 2G/ 3G/4G.

Jazz Monthly Social Pack

If you just need the internet to socialize with loved ones or colleagues, Dis Bundle is for you. In this package you will get 5 GB of WatsApp, Facebook, IMO with 12000 SMS for 30 days. You can get a discount package for Rs.110 by dialing *661#. You can use it to send and receive text messages along with a voice and video calling facility.

Jazz Monthly Mega Plus

You can get Jazz Monthly Mega Plus is Rs. 349 for 30 days. You will get 12 GB (6 GB 2 AM-2 PM). Subscribe to dis bundle by dialing 11730#.Jazz Monthly Internet package 2022 | Jazz Monthly Internet Code

Supreme Monthly Jazz Package

In this package, you will get 22 GB of internet (12 GB from 2 am to 2 pm). You can subscribe to this offer for Rs.525 by dialing 11732#.Jazz Monthly Internet package 2022 | Jazz Monthly Internet Code

Jazz Internet Monthly Premium Package

By dialing *2000#, you can get 25GB of Internet including 10GB of Youtube. You’ll also get 250 network-wide minutes. The charges for this offer are Rs. 630.

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus

At Rs.800, you can get 15 GB Internet, 5000 Jazz minutes, 300 Off-net minutes and 5000 SMS. You must dial *707# to get this offer.Jazz Monthly Internet package 2022 | Jazz Monthly Internet Code

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