Jazz Puck Code : How To unlock Mobilink SIM

Jazz / Mobilinking offers the best services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. Both users need their SIM to make calls, send SMS and connect to the internet. If you are on Mobilink network, you may encounter that your Jazz PUK code is locked on SIM.Jazz Puck Code : How To unlock Mobilink SIM

Therefore, you must unlock them so that you can continue to use their services. In the present article, I have the solution to rearrange and unlock the code using the following techniques.

It is important to remember that you have a jazz PIN code and may need it at any time. Whenever you block access to Jazz SIM in your phone, you will need PU code to regain access to the service. So, we are going to help you with Jazz SIM Puk code using many methods.

What is the PUK code of Jazz SIM?

The term PUK means “private key to open”. The PUK code is a unique number that helps mobile users to unlock the identity module (SIM card) on their phone. It is possible that your SIM PUK / PIN code is locked if you enable the PIN code option in your smartphone. If you enter the wrong code three times or more, it will temporarily shut down.

Similarly, you should keep disabling the PIN code option on your SIM card. But if you have PIN code lock of Mobilink / Jazz SIM, it will ask you to enter PUK code. If you remember you will drop it and you have finished unlocking. Otherwise, if you forget or lose your SIM card, they have no way to unlock your SIM. There is no software available online that can help you create PUK codes.Jazz Puck Code : How To unlock Mobilink SIM

Ways to Unlock Mobilink / Jazz SIM PUK Code:

Sometimes you need to enable the PIN code option because of access to security features on your SIM. You can only do this if you have the SIM’s personal unlock key. So this is a very important code for every network user. You can recover, rearrange or unlock your Jazz SIM using the PIN / PUK key in the following ways.

There are two different ways you can unlock your Mobilink SIM. The first technique is to apply some default codes and the second method is to call the helpline.

Mobilink default PUK code

Mobilink Pakistan gives the default 8 digit Jazz Puk code to a subscriber who wants to block their SIM in case they forget the original code. Here’s how to use this code.

  • First dial PUK code 99999999 and press OK.
  • Then enter the PIN code 0000 and press OK.
  • Now you need to enter the second PIN code 1234 and press OK.
  • Just and your SIM is unlocked and you can now send / receive jazz services including calling, internet, and SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PUK code?

A PUK code is an 8 digit code and means Personal Unblocking.
How can I get PUK code without SIM number?

The default PUK code for Mobilink / Jazz is 99999999 PUK2 code is 56789123, and PIN2 code is 1234.

Note: –

All of the above information is posted on Jazz’s official page and is regularly updated.
We reject any un-updated information as the Company may change the Service / Information at any time.Jazz Puck Code : How To unlock Mobilink SIM
Your SIM is your identity, use only SIMs issued through biometric verification – PTA.
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