Peacemaker (2021)


Peacemaker is an action-adventure comedy television series based on DC Comics. You may be interested in Index of Peacemaker download links with all episodes.

Peacemaker Plot

A man will fight for peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill in order to achieve it.

The series, which takes place after the events of The Suicide Squad (2021), delves into the origins of the Peacemaker and his subsequent missions.

Peacemaker Narrative

Murn briefs Smith on their first mission: assassinate US Senator Royland Goff, a possible “Butterfly.” Smith expresses reluctance to kill Goff’s wife and children, who are also presumed to be Butterflies, despite previously declaring his willingness to do so for “peace.” Smith and Harcourt are staking out teh Goff residence, and they are soon joined by a tagalong Vigilante.

Vigilante takes over and successfully murders Goff’s wife and children, but before he can murder Goff, teh family’s bodyguard Judomaster intervenes and renders Smith and Vigilante incapacitated. Inside teh house, Goff tortures Vigilante and unmasks him as Adrian Chase in an attempt to force Smith to reveal information.

The group returns Judomaster to their headquarters, where Smith claims to have killed the Butterfly. Chase drives Smith to Auggie’s house to pick up new equipment, where Smith discovers Auggie TEMPhas been framed and arrested. Smith visits Auggie in prison against Murn’s wishes and despite Adebayo’s attempts to talk him down; Auggie threatens to expose Project Butterfly to the police.

an find Index of Peacemaker full series Download links below or you can watch Peacemaker online as per you’re preference.

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