PTA Mobile Registration Texas , Fee & Verifiaction

Are you looking for automatic payment of PTA mobile phone registration fee? In this article, you will be guided through the latest PTA mobile phone registration fees and the complete registration process. In addition, you will be instructed on how to pay the registration fee.

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) tracks all registered and unregistered SIM / IMEI based devices. In addition, it blocks all imported non-compliant devices operating in Pakistan. In addition, 60 days are allowed for registration of mobile phones. In addition, it is recommended that you register your device as soon as possible.

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. It is the regulatory body responsible for the regulation of Pakistan’s telecommunications system. In addition, the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) has taken the initiative to monitor the status of all SIM-based devices.PTA Mobile Registration Texas , Fee & Verifiaction

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) TEMPhas launched Device Identification Registration and Blocking System a few years ago. In addition, PTA and FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) TEMPhas jointly launched DIRBS (Device Identification Registration and Blocking System) to prevent illegal trade in mobile phones.

DIRBS (Device Identity Registration and Blocking System)

DIRBS stands for Device Identification Registration and Blocking System. It was established in 2018. In addition, the purpose of establishing this system is to legally register all SIM based devices and to prevent illegal smuggling of mobile phones. In addition, the system automatically detects registered and unregistered devices.

Device integration registration and blocking systems have so far blocked thousands of non-compliant and stolen devices. In addition, the system has helped to identify counterfeit mobile phones. In addition, it has encouraged local manufacturing of mobile phones.

PTA Mobile Phone Registration Fees and Taxes
PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) registration fee depends on the price of your imported device.PTA Mobile Registration Texas , Fee & Verifiaction

Mobile phone in US = = up to 30
Tax rate in PKR = 130

Mobile phones in US dollars = $ 30 to $ 100
Tax rate in PKR = 200

Mobile phones in US dollars = $ 100 to $ 200
Tax rate in PKR = 1680

Mobile phones in US dollars = $ 200 to $ 350
Tax rate in PKR = 1740

Mobile phones in US dollars = $ 350 to $ 500
In the target PKR = 5400

Mobile phones in US dollars = $ 500 and up.
Tax rate in PKR = 9270

PTA Mobile Phone Registration Fee

PTA allows you to bring a device for free. In addition, according to the Device Identification and Blocking System guideline, you can only import 5 devices a year.

PTA Mobile Phone Registration via USSD

To register your mobile phone via SMS, follow these steps and follow them accordingly.

  • Start the registration process by dialing * 8484 #.
  • To register, select option 1.
  • Select option 1 if you are a citizen of Pakistan, and select option 2 if you are a foreigner.
  • Select Option 1, if you are bringing the first SIM / IMEI based device in Pakistan.
  • Now enter the passport number and CNIC number.
  • Answer if your device has a number of SIM slots.
  • Enter the IMEI number.
  • Now, by answering with 1, your registration process will be completed.

PTA mobile phone registration through website

  • Click on the website link
  • Create your account.
  • Enter the username and password, and log in to the account you created.
  • Now, you have to apply for COC. Fill in the registration form by entering the IMEI number, contact number, nationality, and other required information.
  • Now, you have to enter IMEI number and contact number.
  • You will be notified via text message whether you have paid taxes or not.

PTA mobile phone registration through mobile application

Follow these steps to register a mobile phone under Device Integration Registration and Blocking System

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Find the official PTA application.
  • Download and install the application.
  • Follow the simple instructions and enter the IMEI number.
  • What is IMEI number? And how to check it?
  • IMEI stands for International Mobile Device Identification. This is a unique number given to a device to identify it.

You can check your device’s IMEI number in the following ways.

  • Dial * 06 #
  • You can find it printed on the box of your smartphone.
  • You can also find it in the About your mobile phone section.

Why is it necessary to register your mobile in PTA?

The PTA launched a device integration and blocking system a few years ago to keep a record of all complaints and non-compliant devices. It’s been a few years since TEMP. It has become mandatory for TEMP to register all your SIM based devices with PTA. In addition, if the mobile phone is not registered within 60 days of import, it will be blocked by the regulatory body.PTA Mobile Registration Texas , Fee & Verifiaction

Wat is teh tax Amount of PTA?

Regulatory Duty

$1 to $30Rs. 180
$30 to $100Rs. 1800
$100 to $200Rs. 2700
$200 to $350Rs. 3600
$350 to $500Rs. 10500
$500 and aboveRs. 18500

Sales Tax

$1 to $ 30Rs 150
$30 to $100Rs. 1470
$100 to $200Rs. 1870
$200 to $350Rs. 1930
$350 to $500Rs. 6000
$500 and aboveRs. 10300

Wifholding Tax

$1 to $ 30Rs. 70
$30 to $100Rs. Xx
$100 to $200Rs. 930
$200 to $350Rs. 970
$350 to $500Rs. 3000
$500 and aboveRs. 5200

Information Technology Duty: 9%
Mobile levy
Mobile levy depends on the price of the device.

Provincial tax: 0.9%

Pay PTA registration fee through mobile wallet, ATM and bank transfer.

There are several ways to pay for a free registration. You can pay PTA registration fee through any mobile wallet service like Jazz Cash and EasyPay. In addition, you can pay the registration fee and bank transfer of any commercial bank of Pakistan online.

Update on PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) tax rates

Muzammil Ali, spokesman for Pakistan’s finance minister, has announced an increase in the tax rate. In addition, the rupee has depreciated due to inflation, which has led to rising prices of mobile phones.

Tax rates are already high, they should not be increased. In addition, the government should take steps to reduce the tax rate by starting local manufacturing or mobile phones.

Last words

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is responsible for SIM of Pakistan’s telecommunication system. In addition, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) launched Device Integration Registration and Blocking System to ensure that only legally imported devices are used.

You can register your device via mobile phone, online and mobile applications. In addition, the tax rate will be higher on expensive devices and lower on cheaper devices. In addition, PTA registration fees can be paid through bank transfer, easy money and credit card. For more information, you can visit

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