Samsung Galaxy S22 Desgin Tipped in new renders

Among Samsung’s recent Galaxy S flagship phones, there is little to separate the design of the standard and plus-size models from the Ultra version.

But it looks like that could change for the Galaxy S22. Let’s Go Digital says it has information on a former Samsung employee in South Korea using the name Super Roader.

And that source tells the Dutch blog that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will not adopt the waterdrop-style lenses that are reportedly available for the S22 Ultra.

Rumors surfaced last month about that new S22 Ultra design, along with concept drawings showing what the phone would look like.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specifications

Instead, the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus are rumored to go with a different design, one that is more in line with the current look of the Galaxy S21.

That means a camera bump on the left side of the back of the S22, which contains an array of triple camera lenses.

To help visualize what it would look like, Let’s Go Digital posted concept illustrations by Italian digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli with a theoretical Galaxy S22.

It may be a change for Samsung to differentiate the designs from its standard and Ultra models, but the move makes sense. Rumors suggest that the S22 Ultra will be treated more like a successor to the Galaxy Note series; it is expected to have built-in support for the S Pen.

So it could be that Samsung is trying to further distinguish the S22 Ultra from the other phones in that upcoming release by giving it a different look. And it’s not like the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus lost anything by adopting a similar design to their predecessors.

The Galaxy S21 released this year introduced us to Samsung’s contour cut camera design, where the phone’s camera matrix blends seamlessly with the side of the device, making it feel less prominent. That was one of our favorite design touches with the S21, so we’d be happy to see it return with Samsung’s new phone next year.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to be garnering most of the attention when it comes to rumors of what Samsung has in store for next year’s phones, but the S22 could be a formidable flagship in its own right. The S22 could be a bit more compact than its predecessor, making the device easier to operate with one hand.

Samsung also said it is looking to add an under-display front camera and rear camera improvements that could mean more accurate colors for your photos. The Galaxy S22 family is expected sometime during the first three months of the new year, possibly as early as January.

However, a new rumor suggests that the launch of the phone could be delayed until February to accommodate the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE.

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