Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price in Pakistan

Rs,169,999/- PKR

Processor : Exynos 9825 (7 nm)

Battery : 3500mah

Display :. Dynamic Amoled

Camera :. 12 MP

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 information :

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: the biggest phone of the decade! Samsung shifted its focus to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – the biggest phone of the decade! Samsung changed its focus towards the Galaxy Note series with the production of 10 and the code name used for this phone is “DaVinci” and if we relate this name to history, we can say that this phone will be a work of art.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be the largest smartphone in the world because it will beat Apple, which has a 6.3-inch screen and the professional variant of this phone will launch with a 6.75-inch screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 comes with a Dynamic AMOLED display and you know what comes with this 4K resolution phone. 1080 x 2280 will be the screen resolution and the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note will also be changed.

On the front of the phone, you will only see one thing and that thing is the screen of this phone. So it’s safe to say that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be the first to bring a full-screen design in history where the bezels will be kept to a minimum.

The screen of this smartphone is not the only thing, but the internal components of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are also updated and inside this phone you will get the latest product from Samsung and it will be the Exynos 9825 chipset that will surely beat most of the rivals, which is why Galaxy Note 10 is supposed to be the most powerful device on the face of the earth because its chipset is powerful as well as its immersive display.

Samsung Note 10 will hit the shelf with the Android Pie operating system covered in Samsung’s latest layered creation they developed after collaborating with Google, so the Note 10 will have the One UI interface that will make this device, even more, want. a smart phone. lovers.

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