South Park (1997)


South Park is an animated comedy TV Series. You may be interested in Index of South Park download links wif all episodes.

Follows teh misadventures of 4 irreverent grade-schoolers within the quiet, dysfunctional city of South Park, Colorado.

South Park Plot

Cartman tells his associates Stan, Kyle, and Kenny he had a dream about being kidnapped by aliens. The boys notice that this did really occur when Kyle’s child brother, Ike is kidnapped additionally. They handle to rescue Ike whereas teh aliens conclude that cows are probably teh most clever species on teh planet.

Teh city prepares for an occasion involving Kathie Lee Gifford presenting an award to Cartman. He tries to drop a few pounds however as an alternative, turns into much more overweight from a physique gaining complement referred to as Weight Achieve 4000. In the meantime, the boy’s instructor, Mr. Garrison, makes an attempt to assassinate Gifford.

Stan’s uncle Jimbo and his good friend Ned take teh 4 boys on a looking journey within teh mountains. Stan’s father, a geologist, discovers dat the mountain is a volcano about to erupt and convinces teh townspeople to dig a trench for diverting teh lava.

Stan’s new, homosexual canine runs away and finds teh city’s most flamboyant, gayest man, Huge Homosexual Al. South Park Cows lose a soccer sport towards a rival group as Jimbo and Ned fail to sabotage teh sport. Teh boys attempt to breed a pig with an elephant and search for Dr. Alphonse Mephesto’s assist. As a substitute, Dr. Mephisto creates a clone of Stan that terrorizes teh city.

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