Telenor Unlimited Internet Package | telenor internet package weekly 4g

Telenor Unlimited Internet Package

Telenor Unlimited Internet Package

Telenor Unlimited Internet Package

Hello To Telenor Unlimited Internet Package Service…

Telenor Provides Many facilities for their user to show the Reality of Telenor Bundle.

Here Are many exciting features of telenor Internet Bundle there are many calls SMS and internet bundles. In just RS.40

You can Enjoy 35 GB Of data of a whole Day.

The one and the most usable bundle of internet is available here in RS.30 You can able to get 20 GB Of internet package for a month.

Now you can get a great information about Telenor packages here are many types of bundle available for their user’s.

New Offers

There is a newly offer for user’s who want to get the bundle for a week in just RS.7 And Get the Data of 5 GB.

This offer can be purchase form subscription and user can enjoy 160 MBs Of internet for A Week just simply dial *345*6#.

Now you can enjoy the Exciting Features From telenor Service and get 100 GB OF Data a Month in just Rs. 150 for subscription just dial *117*10#.

For getting more Exciting Features of internet bundle you can enjoy 1500MBS of internet in just RS.05 For a Day

This bundle can be get through *75*345*7#.

Weekly bundles

There are more Weekly bundles for their user’s to get exciting packages Dial *888# and enjoy 10GB of data and this is valid for 1WEEK.

Newly codes for their users is here now you can get more Internet pakages and enjoy 7000MBS Of Data.

In just RS.10 You can Enjoy 5000MBS of data and it’s validity is for 1Month.

Hangama Offer

Hangama Offer for telenor User’s if you are a new user of This SIM

Get ready to enjoy a lot of bundle from telenor and its all subscription codes are available on this Page.

This code is for subscribing all packages of telenor SIM now you make your own bundle

According to your need and according to your Balance just simply dial *336# and subscribe your own bundle.

Monthly Pakages

Monthly Pakages and get 5000MBS of data internet in just RS.100 For making this offer dial *14*14#.

Geeting 4GB of internet bundle just Dial *82*5*# and enjoy this offer and this offer work for a month.

Ab ye offer hansil kren Free of cost or enjoy kren unlimited data bundle just Dial *232*55#

wake up with telenor service and enjoy the internet bundle for one month

This is a sure package which actually work just type *799# and enjoy the bundle.

There are many types of packages whose information are available on this Site

If you are a telenor user now ready to enjoy the bundle by typing *366*2#.

This service is available for 3G/4G USER’S Who can enjoy alot of bundle by just typing this code and this code is that dial *786# and enjoy this offer.

Daily Packages

There are a lot of bundle for one day and enjoy unlimited data just dial *115*55# In RS.40

You can enjoy 5 GB data by dialing *345*33*2# it is valid for a month  RS. 300

Weekly offer you can enjoy 10 GB OF Data in just RS.60 for whole week.

There is a offer for telenor super-duper users  get 200 GB data in just RS.300 is valid for a month.

Get more Packages of telenor bundle and enjoy a lot of features

Dial *915# Receive 3000 SMS 3000 telenor minutes and 3000 MB OF Internet get on-net and extra off-net minutes.

Enjoy 4000 telenor minutes and 4000 sms and 4000 MB in just RS.400 And is available after subscription.

Telenor Internet Offers

Get 10 GB OF Internet bundle dial *456# and it offers you to enjoy this bundle

For getting more bundle you can simply dial *679# enjoy the internet service provided from telenor SIM.

This offer to enjoy the unlimited data bundle in just RS.15 is valid for a day.

telenor whatsapp package

Whatsapp offer for telenor users can get free whatsapp by dial *987*2# get 3000 SMS In just RS.30

telenor internet packages free

FOR Enjoying 27 GB Of data dial *915# and this offer is valid for 1 Month

Dial *014# and to get 80 GB Of data from telenor service just dial *27**2#

To check your balance simply dial *444# and get all information about your current balance.

There is more and more offers which is available for pre-paid and post-paid users

For getting these types of more informations about the telenor bundle activation dial *345#

Telenor offer Easypaisa account for their customers to get money and save your balance.


Telenor Weekly Internet Package


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