Telenor Packages: Weekly Monthly Internet 4G Packages Updated 2022

Telenor Packages is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations centered in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Offers different 4G packages for its customers here are the full details of Telenor’s 4G Internet packages.

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Telenor weekly internet Package 2021

Offers three different daily packages for its prepaid customers. You can choose the package you prefer. The first is the Telenor daily light package that offers you the best-in-class 4G with better speed and affordable rates. The second is the Raat Din offering that provides an incredible amount of data to keep you going for hours.

Telenor Weekly Package Internet

PackagepriceActivated CodeDetail

4G Weekly Ultra Plus
Rs. 240 Dial *225# 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM – 11AM)

4G Weekly Ultra
Rs. 185 Dial  *336# 8GB + 1GB Goonj

4G Weekly Super
Rs. 110 Dial *288# 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1AM to 11AM)

Mega Weekly Easy Card
Rs. 222 Dial  *001#10GB (Incl. 5GB 1AM – 11AM), 2000 Telenor+PTCL minutes, 70 off-net minutes, and 2000 SMS
4G weekly Internet Max Rs. 50 Dial *19# 30 GB (12 AM – 9 AM)

Weekly 6 To 6 Offer Rs. 55 Dial  *71#   4 GB (6 AM – 6 PM)

Weekly Zoom Pack
Rs. 80 Dial *345*56# 5000 MB for Zoom

Telenor 4G offers a series of weekly Internet packages. Weekly 4G Ultra Plus offers 20 GB of data (including 10 GB from 1am to 11am) at PKR 240. To subscribe, dial *225#. The 4G Weekly Ultra package offers 8GB + 1GB Goonj at PKR 185. To sign up for the offer, dial *336#. 4G Weekly Super offer yields 4,000MB of data (including 2,000MB from 1am to 11am) at PKR 110.

Telenor Packages

Dial *288# to subscribe to this offer.
The Mega Weekly Easy card offers 10GB of data (including 5GB from 1AM to 11AM), 2,000 Telenor + PTCL minutes, 70 off-net minutes, and 2,000 SMS at PKR 222 for 7 days. Dial *001# to subscribe to this offer. 4G Weekly Internet Max provides 30 GB of data that can be used between 12 a.m. and 4 p.m. m. and 9 a.m. m. for 7 days at PKR 50. You can dial *19# to subscribe to this offer. The hours from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 6 p.m. m. The weekly offer provides 4 GB of data that can be used between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. m. and 6 p.m. m. M. For 7 days. To sign up for this offer, dial *71#.
Telenor’s Weekly Zoom Package offers 5000MB of data for Zoom at PKR 80. Dial 34556# to sign up for this offer.

Telenor Internet Packages Monthly

NamePrice CodeDetails 
Monthly Plus BundleRs. 896.25*345*136#Internet 10,000 MB
Monthly UltraRs. 450*335#Internet 10 GB + 10 GB (12 AM – 8 AM)
Monthly Facebook & WhatsApp OfferRs. 44.45 (Load Rs. 50)*911#Facebook & WhatsApp 3000 MB, Internet 100 MB
Monthly IMO BundleRs. 45 incl. tax*466#Internet 2000 MB
Monthly WhatsApp OfferRs. 5 incl. tax*247#Internet 1500 MB
Monthly Starter BundleRs. 300*302#Internet 8000 MB (incl. 4000 MB 1AM – 7AM)
Monthly LiteRs. 150*301#Internet 2000 MB + 1000MBforWhatsApp/Goonj

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly

NamePrice CodeDetails 
Weekly Ultra PlusRs. 240*225#Internet 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM – 11AM)
Weekly UltraRs. 185 inc tax*336#Internet 8GB + 1GB Goonj
Weekly SuperRs. 110 incl. tax*288#Internet 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1AM to 11AM)
Late Night OfferRs. 50*19#Internet 20 GB
Validity 7 Days (12AM – 9AM)
Weekly 6 to 6 OfferRs. 55 incl. tax*71#Internet 4000 MB Validity 7 Days (6 AM – 6 PM)

Telenor Din Raat Offer

Name Price CodeDetails 
Raat Din OfferRs. 18*150#Internet 1.5 GB
Validity 12 hours (12 AM
– 12 PM)

Telenor YouTube Internet Package

Name Price CodeDetails 
YouTube BundleRs. 8 incl. Tax*60#Internet 500 MB
Validity 1 day (till midnight)

Telenor Whatsapp Packages | Monthly WhatsApp Package

Terms and Conditions
Using the default rate without subscribing to packages will be charged at Rs12/MB on 3G and 4G.
Using the default rate without subscribing to packages will be charged at Rs21.5/MB on 2G.
Internet packages can be consumed on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
To subscribe to the package, dial *345#. Alternatively, customers can dial 345 or visit their nearest Telenor Franchise Center

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