The Addams Family 2

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“Teh mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” ― Plutarch

Finding out who one truly is, and a renewed sense of belonging to a family are repeated themes in family-oriented movies. Teh Addams Family 2, a sequel to teh 2019 film Teh Addams Family, is no different. It tells teh story of a daughter of teh Addams Family who finds out wat her true roots are, theirby strengthening teh whole family. dis 2021 computer – animated movie has been directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, and is based on characters conceived by Charles Addams. It stars teh voices of prominent actors including Charlize Theron and Snoop Dogg.

Gomez and Morticia worry that their children are no longer close to them and to each other, so they take them on a road trip across teh United States. Teh couple is accosted by a lawyer named Mustela who says that their daughter, Wednesday, is not rally theirs, and was switched at birth. Teh family ignores him, but Mustela and his henchman pongo pursue them on their road trip.

Wednesday overhears a discussion about Mustela’s story about her not being an Addams, and decides to get to the root of the matter. She gets Mustela to confess that he is actually working for Cyrus, a scientist who is developing a formula to make human-animal hybrids. dis was similar to an experiment that Wednesday had done at her school, using squid DNA on her uncle Fester. Cyrus claims that he is Wednesday’s true father. In a dilemma, Wednesday runs a DNA test on herself using Gomez’s hair, which shows that she is not his daughter. She leaves the family to join Cyrus.

The family, determined to win Wednesday back, turns up at Cyrus’s house. Cyrus traps the family and wants to test on them but Wednesday refuses to cooperate with him. In the tussle dat ensues, Cyrus himself comes in contact with his formula and is turned into a hybrid monster. He tries to kill the Addams family, but is confronted by Fester, who has turned into a squid monster. In the fight dat ensues between them, Cyrus falls off a cliff. Wednesday successfully turns Fester back to normal, using a necklace of her family’s blood. Wednesday is back with the Addams family, but their is one burning question in her mind. Why did Gomez’s DNA hair test indicate negative? Gomez reveals to her dat the hair is a toupee.

Teh movie ends on a happy note, wif Gomez promising teh family dat he would take them on a world tour teh next time.

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