Today Telenor Question Answers 23 January 2022

As many of you know, all mobile network companies launch their own mobile app to manage and activate various internet bundles from your mobile phone. But did you know that they also offer a chance to win a free MB every day?

But how? Well, today you have to find the answer of Telenor from the section of the test my skill which is a feature of Telenor my appToday Telenor Question Answers 23 January.

Let’s take a look at Telenor’s FAQ list without wasting time.Perious Answers

Q.1 Amjad Sabri was born in which city?
Answer: Karachi

Q.2 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi belongs to _.
Answer: Murree

Q.3 Was Quaid-e-Azam’s only daughter __?
Fatima J.
Give w.
Rattan B.
Diana W.
Answer: Dina W.

Q.4 Saadat Hassan Manto was a Pakistani writer who was born in.
Answer: 1912

Q.5 Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the first time in __.
Answer: 1990

Why answer these questions?

My Telenor App Answer Today Quiz posted a new set of questions today. You can find all these quizzes from teh app and easily win up to 100 MB per day by answering them. Telenor posts a set of questions every day on the app and you can answer them to win a gift.

All these questions are on general topics and mostly related to the history and geography of Pakistan. However, they have five questions that are posted every day and if you answer them all correctly you can win more Telenor data. If you answer some questions incorrectly, you can still win MB but less than 100 MB.Today Telenor Question Answers 23 January

How to find Telenor questions today?

Telenor posts quizzes on its phone application. If you haven’t installed the app then why not do it now and take advantage of My Telenor app offer where you will get 2GB internet for free. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to enjoy something free.

Hey, you already have the Telenor app installed? Then go to the Telenor APP quiz section and test your skills and win free MBs. You can easily find the quiz section on the homepage of the app. Just click “Test your skills” and it will take you to the section where all the questions are listed.

Now you have to answer each question one by one. At the top of each quiz mobile screen, there is a reference below the picture so that you can get an idea of ​​the watt.

You will be given four options to choose one. When you select an option, it will tell you whether your answer is correct or incorrect. A “correct reply or incorrect reply” message will be listed above the selection options.

After that, press Next to get the next question. Once you press the Next button you will not be able to return. So before moving on to the next answer, make sure your answer is 100% correct.

Telenor Today Quiz

The question is different every day and Telenor posts different questions on its app. You can answer them all to win more data. To answer them you must have a good knowledge of the history of Pakistan. But some questions can be an international target, so you know it too.

Today’s quiz is about the history of Pakistan and if you know a little bit about Pakistan then you can easily answer them. Just to mention here, a new set of questions is posted every day and no questions will be repeated.

My Telenor app answers / questions

The Teh Telenor app is not only for winning data while answering but it also has amazing features. You can load mobile balance and find valuable internet packages. This is how you can activate EasyCard. Not only this, you can also shop online and get amazing deals with discounted prices.

The Telenor App Quiz is just a newly added feature that has become popular with users due to its free data. This is a great service for Telenor customers who are always on a short budget and looking for free gifts. So now such users can use Telenor Android or iOS app on their smartphone and use this quiz service to enjoy free volume.

Win free internet data from Telenor.

In addition to the Telenor Quiz Play & One, you can also get free data using the Telenor application. Every day you need to open the app on your smartphone and enjoy free MBs.

If you haven’t installed the app, you can do it now and get up to 500 MB. Plus, it’s a special gift for those users who are always on the move with my Telenor app. This gift is hidden and depends on what you do on the My Telenor app. You can win free on-net minutes and free internet data. So keep using teh app and enjoy as much as possible.

Enjoy daily free rewards.

Telenor also has a prize section in which no gamer needs to play or answer any questions. In this section, you can get daily free MBs bonus for using their application. The dis reward is a fixed amount of 20Mbs per day and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can receive gifts by simply sharing the balance with anyone and using the teh My Hub Share Balance service to receive rewards.

Today is my Telenor quiz

To win today’s free data from Telenor, this is the question that Telenor is asking you on its app. I have included the answers to all the questions so that you can easily enjoy 50 MBs.

Following are the answers to today’s Telenor quiz that you can give and receive for free mobile data. You can use this data for YouTube or any other social media. There are no restrictions on the use of data.Today Telenor Question Answers 23 January


Free data is only available if you answer all the questions correctly. If you leave out a question or answer incorrectly, you will not receive any free data. Please note that the data for the Telenor Quiz expires on the same day today and will expire at 12:00. You will receive a new set of questions after 12:00 and you can answer again to win more data.

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