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Ufone Tones lets your friends and family listen to your favorite tunes every time. Ufone Tunes Subscription Codes 2021 Get calling tunes via Ufone.

How to Subscribe to UTunes 2021:

Let your friends and family listen to your favorite tunes every time they call you. Instead of listening to your callers ‘traditional ringtones, Ufone Tunes lets you listen to your callers’ selected Ufone tunes.You can select your favorite music, Naat Sharif or just new modern music from the list of Ufone content database and subscribe to the service.

Ufone Caller Tones Code 2021 –

Ufon Codes 2021To subscribe:

Dial * 666 # or send to 666.

Price: Rs. 1.68 per day

Subscriptions CodeCharges
666 # or send to 666.Rs. 1.68 per day

Ufones by Ufone Features 2021

  • One key copy and activation (while listening * Press to activate UTunes service and copy UTunes to your friends)You can offer UTune to a friend.
  • You can record your UTune 666 on IVR.To manage your YouTube library, visit the YouTube portal or download the mobile app.
  • Click here to manage your iTunes.Ufone Caller Tones

Terms and Conditions 2021

  • SMS 666 to subscribe to iTunes.Regional (federal / provincial) taxes may apply.For details on regional taxes.
  • Your SIM is your identity, use only biometric verification – SIM issued by PTA.

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