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*3# mailain aur Befikar Hojie

Super internet Plus

DataValidityPrice Subscribe
5GB Whatsapp+ 8Gb 30 DaysRs 499 Load Dial *290#

Monthly Light

2GB Whatsapp ,fb, tiw, line+ 1Gb30 DaysRs 390 LoadDial *7807#

Soical Monthly

Whatsapp ,fb, tiw, line 1Gb30 DaysRs 60 LoadDial *5858#

Subscriptions Details

Dial * 3 # from your Internet-enabled phone and choose the Mobile Internet Buckets you want

Additional info

After consumption of the cube volume, the charge will be done according to the predetermined rate, i.e. Rs. 2.75 + taxes per MB (https://ufone.com/support/tax/) at a load pulse of 512 Kbs. With 25MB usage, you will get 150MB free until midnight and so on.
The volume accumulator will reset at 00:00. daily
To check the remaining resources, dial * 706 #

Terms And Conditions

General terms and conditions
All prices include taxes.
Bucket subscribers will get the maximum speed available. Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers, etc.
All WhatsApp calls will be charged from the data warehouse resources.
All cubes are valid for prepaid customers only.
Dial * 706 # to check the remaining resources of the buckets.
All prices include taxes.
Each session reserves a certain volume of data to improve the customer experience.
Once the data warehouse expires, multiple sessions will be charged separately based on the default mobile package rate.
After consumption of the volume of the offer, the Internet will remain active and will be charged at the predetermined rate, that is, Rs. 2.75 + taxes per MB (https://ufone.com/support/tax/) at a load pulse of 512 Kbs. With 25MB usage, you will get 150MB free until midnight and so on.
Why am I being charged in 4G / LTE when my mobile data is disabled? That I have to do?
Inherent in 4G / LTE technology, the subscriber’s 4G / LTE data connection remains established even though the data settings are turned off from the phone. However, in such a case, a very limited volume of the Internet is consumed. Therefore, it is suggested to change the network settings to 2G / 3G from the phone when turning off the mobile data.

Daily packages
The Fair Use Policy (FUP) of 500MB per day applies to the Daily Light, Daily Heavy and Special Daily social gifts.
3-day packages
The 500MB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to 3-day segment social gifts.
Weekly packages
The 2GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to Weekly Light bucket social gifts.
Monthly packages
Multiple subscriptions are allowed for Light Monthly, Heavy Monthly, and Max Monthly deposits.
The 2GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to Monthly Light, Monthly Heavy, and Monthly Max social gifts.
Content packs
The validity of the Streaming package offer will be 1 hour.
Multiple subscriptions are allowed for the Streaming package.
Internet MB from the streaming bundle offer will only be used on YouTube and Daily Motion.
The streaming package offer is for prepaid customers only.
A 500MB fair use policy applies to the daily chat segment.

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