Ufone WhatsApp Packages 2022: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

The monthly offer is very cute due to long time availability; Therefore, Ufone monthly WhatsApp packages have a lot of demand from Ufone customers. Consumer enthusiasm increases when these bundles offer MBS not only for WhatsApp but also for other apps or browsers. The description of these packages is described below:

Monthly LightRs 3902GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, line and twitter, 1GB browsing the Internet.
Monthly HeavyRs 780For 2GB Whatsapp, Facebook, line and twitter, 3gb browsing the Internet.
Monthly MaxRs 1560For 2gb whatsapp, facebook, line and twitter, 10gb browsing Internet.
Soical MonthlyRs 601gb for whatsapp, facebook and twitter
Monthly Lite Cashback offerRs 2502gb whatsapp, facebook, twitter & line + 1gb Internet browsing data, + rs.50 cashback.

Unlimited MBS for the wats app is available within 50 days in Ufone monthly wats app packages for 30 days. For subscription dial *5858#.

Monthly Lite offer

Monthly light offer offers you 1gb Internet for whatsapp, facebook, line, or twitter, and browsing. This offer is remaining for 30 days at rs 390. If you want to get the offer, you have to dial *7807#.

Ufone Monthly Heavy

In the monthly heavy in ufone, you can get 2gb Internet for mobile apps like wats app and 3gb Internet for Internet search in just 780 rupees. Monthly heavy membership code is *803#.

Monthly Max

Ufone brings 10 GB for monthly Max wats app, Facebook, line, Twitter and Internet browsing. The validity of this package lasts up to rs 1560 for 30 days. Anyone can easily subscribe to the offer by dialing *5100#.

Monthly Social Offer

Ufone monthly WhatsApp packages mein, ab monthly social offer hai. It is only available for 60 rupees for whole month or 30 days. It gives 1 gb for the wats app, twitter, and facebook if you want to get the package, dial *5858# now.

Monthly lite cashback Offer

The monthly lite cashback offer is very amazing because it has been Shared for browsing with 1gb Internet and 2gb Internet for whatsapp, line, facebook, or twitter for rs 50 cashback in just rs 250. By dialing *3#, you can see some instructions on your mobile screen and follow these instructions to benefit from the offer.

Terms and conditions

If you want to use whatsapp to send and receive messages, photos, documents, and videos, then your whatsapp package is valid. But if you are going to video and audio chat, you have to pay for it. Taxes are included in each package. These offers are for prepaid users instead of postpaid. Internet speed depends on the area where you live, the time you use it, the package you selected, and the phone you use because each bundle gives you the maximum speed for use.

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