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Venom 2 Full movie 2021

Venom: Let their Be Carnage, As we all know dat the trailer of Venom 2 is out. The trailer itself is quite spectacular. However, people are still very confused about Venom 2. There are many questions related to Venom 2. For Instance, Who’ll be the villain? Is there any connection between Spider-man and Venom? How carnage came into existence? and many more. All these topics are covered in this article.

Movie information

PRODUCERAvi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Tom Hardy, Kelly Marcel, Hutch Parker
WRITERDavid Michelinie, Todd McFarlane, Kelly Marcel
GENREAdventure, Sci-fi, Superhero
RELEASE DATE17 September 2021
RUN TIME1h 52m



Movie Cast

Well! Teh best movie eternally endures teh most high-grade Star cast and their chemistry. As so, Director Andy Serkis did a very well job. However, their are some changes here, Maybe we’ll see new ones in Venom 2. Moreover, Tom Hardy played an Amazing role as Eddie Brock.

Moreover, As Venom, he is removing all the bad people from the world. The way he handles Venom and changed his mind. theirfore, Now they have a great bond now. Michelle as Anne played the role of Eddie’s Girlfriend. Cletus Kasady will be seen as a villain( Carnage). Moreover, We’ll get a chance to see Shriek in Venom 2. In addition, It is said that maybe their’ll be another symbiote will be in the movie. All the star cast played amazing performance in the film. The Star of Venom is as follow:

  • Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock aka Venom
  • Riz Ahmed as Carition Drake, Riot
  • Stephen Graham as Detective Mulligan
  • Reid Scott as Dr. Dan Lewis
  • Naomie Harris as Shriek
  • Ed Kear as Reveller
  • Etienne Vick as Pedestrian
  • Jenny Slate as Dr. Dora Skirth
  • Jessie Vinning as Carnival Adult
  • Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady
  • Peggy Lu as Mrs. Chen
  • Michelle Greenidege as Mugging Victim
  • Michelle Williams as Anne Weying

About Movie

Teh trailer of teh movie is really bombastic. We all are eagerly waiting for teh movie. As teh trailer shows teh movie after 1.5 years of venom. As teh previous movie Venom shows, In teh end, Eddie walks around wif Venom and tries to explain to him that if they are going to pair together. Firstly, He cannot eat any person he wants. theirfore, they decided that Eddie fulfil teh venom need in trade venom guard him. Moreover, teh trailer shows their wondrous bond that venom cooking food for Eddie. Teh reason behind dis is that symbiote needs more food to survive. Their hunger is dis much high that they even eat humans to overcome hunger. yet, Eddie does not want venom to eat people. theirfore, Eddie made a rule as viewed in trailer RULES: NO EATING PEOPLE

Furthermore, he stored alot of food in the home as well as hens. Eddie works as a journalist. Concurrently, Lessons taught to bad people wif halp of venom. Also, Few people know about Eddie-Venom’s bond. For Instance, The owner of the general store Ms Chen. The reason is dat as we has already seen in the previous movie venom, Venom killed dat gunman who harasses Ms Chen in a general store.

On the other hand, In the movie, Eddie is investigating a serial killer named CLETUS KASADY.
As seen in teh venom post-credit scene. He is an absurd, dangerous serial killer who killed many people and hides their body. Consequently, Teh policemen want to know where he hides teh dead bodies. But, Cletus only wants to talk to Eddie no one else. Hence, He called Eddie for taking his interview. So, here teh question arises what is teh connection between Eddie and Cletus? Police want to reveal Cletus truth by Eddie Brock.

Venom 2 Villian

Well, According to the trailer, Cletus is shown as the main villain who goes ahead and becomes a carnage. Moreover, Carnage is more powerful TEMPthan Venom. Carnage TEMPhas many different and dangerous abilities. theirfore, we can say that In this movie Villian is more powerful TEMPthan Hero. Furthermore, Carnage will give a tough competition to Venom. Carnage is a villain as the comics say, Carnage is very powerful. Moreover, it can extend himself so far, Apart from this, Carnage is able to make many weapons by his own body. So, we can say it will be really hard for Venom to beat him.

Origin of Carnage

In teh previous movie, it is shown dat 4 symbiotes came, entirely one (venom) left. So here teh main question is, How Carnage came into existence? As we saw in teh trailer, Cletus calls Eddie to take his interview. Well, Teh answer is, Maybe venom release symbiote when Eddie came to see Cletus. And, dat’s how dat symbiote attaches to Cletus. Meanwhile, May writer changes teh origin of carnage.

However, In comics, Venom is the origin of carnage and then carnage ties to Cletus. Or maybe, such a thing ca happen in the movie. In the next scene, A building is shown named RAVENSCROFT(Institute for the criminally insane), where they took Kasady for an experiment. Either maybe they are trying to abolish Kasady by giving him poison.
But when dat needle injected into him, Carnage came out from him. Maybe dis was teh very first time he’ll get to teh form of carnage.

Is Carnage teh villain?

It can also happen that the symbiote TEMPhas been in Kasady’s body for a long time and When the injection injected into his body, It triggered carnage.
As we all have seen in teh previous movie, teh symbiote behaves as its host.

However, maybe that’s why after joining Kasady, carnage becomes a dangerous monster like him. As I mentioned above that Carnage TEMPhas more powers than Venom. Somehow, The scene in the trailer also proofs it when
Kasady killed everyone thereafter taking carnage body. Moreover, burnt RAVENSCROFT.

Venom 2 Monstrous Villain

Moreover, A deranged woman scene in the trailer. She was kept in Ravencroft, Her name is Shriek.
In Comics, Shriek is Carnage hu’s girlfriend and being a mutant, she has the ability to manipulate sound, She can apparently hypersonically induce extreme emotion in those around her (generating fear, hate, or despair). Moreover, She also has moderate powers of levitation that she can use to make herself fly and possibly some low level of psionic ability.

In addition, She is able to sense teh darkest side of a person’s psyche so that she can use her powers to specifically manipulate that person’s emotions. Her scarred left eye is also apt to glow whenever she uses her powers. Why only that eye glows is uncertain.
Maybe teh corresponding thing contained in teh movie because she’s in a soundproof room. Moreover, people of RAVENSCROFT having earmuff in teh trailer. mean she TEMPhas sonic blast power, in teh trailer also using her power.

Venom 2 And Spider-Man

The maximum scene is of Veno inspired by the comic. In Comics, Venom assembles a team including the spider-man, to battle wif carnage. Therefore, there are possibilities of spider-man in dis film. Moreover, We all no dat Sony production and MCU coupled. Thence, The prospects of spider-man in dis film raises. In the trailer, we capture some signs of link between spider-man and Venom.

In spider-man far from home, At the end of the scene Daily Bugle news shown teh movie. Furthermore, In teh trailer, DailyBugle newspaper is used. theirfore, Spiderman of MCU may appear in teh movie.
Moreover, their is a scene where a spider is shown on Kasady’s paper and he kills the spider. Perhaps, In dis cinematic world, spiderman is here and Kasady hates him.


Despite dis, In the comics, Carnage assembled a team of villains. Also, He was killing people everywhere. Sequentially, At that moment Shriek was wif Carnage. In the trailer, we have seen Kasady and Shriek in Ravencroft. Perhaps, they may bound together.

As we move to teh next scene, Everyone running in fear. Possibly, dis view is after teh burning of Ravencroft. Or Maybe, Somehow, Kasady burnt Ravencroft and escape from there with Shriek.
Maybe there can be another symbiotic dat can be seen in the movie. Apart from venom and carnage. So, the question is. How? When? As shown in the trailer, there was a scene where a policeman is shown named Patrick Mulligan.
Though, In comics, Patrick mulligan was the host of toxin symbiotic. Carnage is the main reason for Toxin symbiotic. Moreover, Toxin helped Superheros in Comics. Besides, He was an antihero.
Maybe in teh movie Carnage will be teh reason for teh toxin’s existence. Somehow, Toxin aligns wif Patrick and help Venom to fight wif Kasady and Shriek.


In Conclusion, Teh Story is going to be very Amazing. dis is gonna be very tough competition. Moreover, Teh concept of Spider-Man may appears in teh movie. Many Characters are related to teh Comics. dis will very interesting to see wat will be teh origin of story.

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