Zong Double Number

Zong Double Number

Doosra Zong Double Number ” you don’t have to convey two MObile or double SIM handsets, this help permits you to have one extra number with your principle number on a similar SIM and deal with your equilibrium between fun and serious stuff.

Zong Double Number

How to shop:

To activate your Dosra number on your current SIM:

You send SUB SMS to 4600 from ZonG number
Dial 4,600 from your area number
Once subscribed to the service, the system will choose a random number from the Dosra number inventory. The certificate will be sent to your number.

Service Name: Double Number
SUB: Dial 4600
to 4600
UN-SUB: SMS “Unsub”
to 4600
UN-SUB: Dial IVR 4600
Prepaid SUB Price: Rs. 1+Tax/Day
Postpaid SUB Price: PKR 30/Month

How to subscribe Zong Double Number :

For these subscriptions from the second number, send an SMS to 4600 Ansab
Request IVR 4600 if you don’t subscribe.

How to use the second number:
To call or text another number from your second number, dial 46 before the desired number.

General number: 0311-XXXX456 Second number: 0312-YYYY456

How to call another number With Zong Double Number:
If you want to call a regular number (0311-XXXX456) from the second number assigned to you (0312-YYYY456), dial 46 before the regular number (such as 460311-XXXX456). The party CLE receipt will show you the assigned second number (0312-YYYY456) on its screen.

How to send an SMS from another number:
If you want to send an SMS from the second number assigned to you (0312-YYYY456) to a subscriber number (0311-XXXX456), type your message and precede the number “46” before the regular number (460311-XXXX456). Add. The receiving party will receive an SMS from the second number assigned to you (0312-YYYY456).
For second incoming calls and messages:

All incoming calls and SMS messages to the user will be received with the previous number 46, then the regular number.

If there is a regular number (0311-XXXX459) calls or SMS messages to your second number (0312-YYYY456), then the second number receives a call / SMS to your second number with the prefix 46 (460311-XXXX456) it will be.

Compensation for postpaid customers:

  • Basic number calls and SMS will be received as per the customer’s tariff plan
  • You will be charged 1.60 rupees tax / minute on the second call
  • 500 rupees will be charged on the second number text message 0.50 + tax / message
  • Subscription fee – Rs 30,000 + tax / month
  • 4600 IVR will be taxed at Rs 10.20 / min
  • 0,20 + tax / SMS will be charged for SMS to 4612
For active users it will continue indefinitely.
  • If the user has a voice bucket and SMS and calls or sends an SMS from another number, the second number will be charged from the user according to the fee.
  • Other VAS services cannot be used by another number.
  • The second number will be provided to customers with specific inventory.
  • It will be assigned randomly to customers so that buyers cannot reserve their MSISDN.
  • The bills will be on the main number only.
  • International calls and SMS from the second number will not be allowed.
  • The second number will be allocated compared to the base number.
  • The assigned MSISDNs will not be available to anyone else.
  • Since the second number will be associated with the active primary number, the user record will also be available in the system.

Customer’s CNIC number or passport number is not required for activation. The customer does not need to go to any Zong Service Center or Franchise to get the DNA.

Zong may amend these terms and conditions at any time.

The customer will be notified by SMS or any other means to amend these terms and conditions in accordance with the relevant laws.
The second number will be subject to PTA permission.

The lifespan of 6 months can be changed.

Details of Zong Double Number Code:

Service nameZong Double Number Code
SubscriptionDial 4600 from your Zong SIM
SubscriptionSend SMS “SUB” to 4600 from your Zong SIM
Un-SubscriptionDial IVR 4600 from your Zong SIM
Un-SubscriptionSend SMS “Unsub” to 4600 from your Zong SIM
Prepaid subscription costRs. 1+Tax/Day
Post-paid subscription costRs.30+Tax/month

Zong Double Number Charges Details for Post-paid Subscribers:

  • Call Price: Rs. 1.60+Tax/minute
  • SMS Price: Rs. 0.50+Tax/SMS
  • Dial 4600 IVR Price: Rs.0.20+Tax/minute
  • Subscription Price: Rs.30+Tax/month

How To Un-Subscribe Service

Follow the below details to Un-subscribe the Zong Double Number Service.

  • open phone app dial IVR 4600 number from your active Zong SIM.
  • Open Message app send an SMS with “Unsub” to 4600 from your active Zong SIM.
  • Now, follow the Un-subscribe instructions.


Zong brings an exciting offer to make your communication needs hassle-free. With Zong “Second Number” you no longer need to carry two phones or a dual SIM handset, this service allows you to keep an additional number with your main number on the same SIM and manage your work-life balance. Allows

terms and conditions:

  1. Zong prepaid and postpaid customers can get the second number service.
  2. User Get Dosra Number Via SMS
  3. Only one number can be constructed against one base number.
  4. The balance cannot be transferred to the second number, as it will be used for CLI purposes only.
  5. Users cannot receive SMS and Voicemail to the second number.
  6. Customers with SMS containers will be charged Rs 10.50 for each SMS they send to Dosra number.
  7. Users cannot transfer their second number.
  8. Secend number remain active All users for 6 months * regardless any use.

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