Zong Free Internet Code 2022 | Zong Free Internet 2022

How to use / get free internet on Zong?

Zong Free Internet Code: Zong is the first telecom company in Pakistan to offer reasonable packages to its customers. In this article, I will share several effective techniques for charging Zong SIM with internet. Free YouTube streaming but also be support. The details are as follows:

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Zong free internet code

Zong free browser offer code

  • Dial * 537 * 2 # and enjoy free 1500MB.
  • Dial * 56 * 8 * 23 # to enjoy free 500MB.
  • Dial * 7863 * 86 # and enjoy 1 GB 1 day free.
  • Dial * 117 * 111 * 2 # to enjoy free 2GB zong data.
  • Dial * 568 # * 11 # or * 44 # or * 102 # and get 4GB free for 1 day.
  • Dial * 563 * 85 * 23 # and enjoy Zong 1GB data for one week.
  • Zong Free Internet Code 2022

Free internet for Android

Now we will give you some very useful tips, and how you can use 4G free internet on Zong without any charge or free proxy and VPN. However, you can use them to take advantage of free YouTube streaming.Zong Free Internet Code 2022 | Zong Free Internet 2022

Zong SIM Application Offer

Enter your inactive SIM in your mobile and dial * 2244 # or send SMS to 2244. After that, you will get 4000Mbs free for internet. Zong Free Internet Code 2022

Zong Free Facebook Code

Now you can enjoy Zong Facebook’s offer. 0 for the end of one day. With the discount, you will get unlimited free mobile data for Facebook only.
No subscription is required and to activate the feature go to> Facebook> Login Account> Settings drop-down menu in Facebook Free Mode> Enable it.

Zong’s new SIM offer

By subscribing to Zong’s new SIM offer, Zong users can enjoy 2GB of free internet data for a period of 3 days. Disbundal charge is Rs. 0 including tax.Zong Free Internet Code 2022 | Zong Free Internet 2022

  • Offer Charges Rs
  • Offer period 3 days
  • Dial * 10 # to activate the offer.
  • 2 GB free internet

Zong Free Mobile Data Zong Free Internet Code 2022 Tips and Tricks
Zong Free Internet Code Trick 1

  • Download UC Handler
  • Configuration of UC Handler: Real Proxy
  • Type: HTTP
  • Original Proxy Server:
  • Port: 80
  • Download the Yoga VPN now and connect to the default setting.
  • Enjoy Zong’s free internet in UC Handler, once you is connected.
  • Speed ​​is slow but enjoy free.

Zong Free Internet Code Trick 2

  • Download UC Browser
  • Now go to settings.
  • Open access points.
  • Create a new access point
  • Add the following details to your new profile.
  • APN: Zong Internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80

Now go is UC Browser, and also enjoy YouTube streaming with free 4G Zong Internet.
Note: You can only access HTTP websites with which you cannot scan HTTPS through the browser. but easily scan for YouTube free streaming in UC browsers.Zong Free Internet Code 2022 | Zong Free Internet 2022

Zong Free Internet Code 2022

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