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Zong Google Map Free Offer Zong TEM Phas teamed up with Google to make Google Maps available for free on the teh zong network. Users across the country can now access Google Maps on both mobile and laptop.

Zong’s free Google Maps offer lets you easily locate by activating the Internet bundle. Just turn on the data connection and start using Gmap on your smartphone.Zong Google Map Free Offer | Find Free Location

By partnering, Zong has become the first and only cellular company in Pakistan to offer free Google Maps subscriptions to its customers. Zong users can use Google Maps regardless of their data subscription. Google Maps is now available to you without any hassle and without any data.

The company’s goal is to deliver on its promise of “Let’s Get Digital Pakistan”, the company’s vision is to guide digital innovation and empower its customers’ digital lifestyles.

Teh Company is working towards digitization to make Pakistan digital. That’s why they partner with big brands. Soon they will bring more free service.

What we don’t know is that Google Maps is the world’s largest and most efficient tool that stops you in real time navigation and takes you to the right place. This is the most used navigation app in the world. You will find live directions for driving, hiking, biking, or public transport. Zong users will have free access to all its features.

Find a place on Google Maps Free Wife Zong

Not sure where you stand or don’t want to be where you are now? It’s now easy and free with Google Maps. You are all Zong users and you have the Google Maps application installed on your phone. You can easily find a place in any city, state or anywhere in the world.

Plus, you can navigate to your location and set a timer between two locations. Find your destination and more using Zong’s Internet Bundle.Zong Google Map Free Offer | Find Free Location

Earlier, the company used to offer Zong Google Do, but at that time, the partnership was not theirs. Now they come up with something out of the ordinary.

“Our primary focus is to serve customers in more innovative ways, and Zong’s goal has been from the beginning,” said Zong’s official spokesman.

Furthermore, he said, the latest partnership with Google with the help of Zong fulfills its promise to empower our users to experience the full digital lifestyle. Not that our subscribers rely heavily on Google Maps in their daily lives, so we’ve made it free for them to use, “the spokesman added.

How to enable Zong Free Google Maps

This is a subscription code that allows you to activate the amazing Zong Google Maps free service at no cost. However, you can activate it from the Zong mobile application without paying a single rupee. There are no special requirements for receiving a discount, but you must have an Android phone that supports navigation graphics so that you can use Google Maps.

For more details, please take a look at the table below and learn more about the offer.

Service NameGoogle Map
Daily Data250 MBs
Subscription Code*627#
PriceRs: 0

Zong Free Internet Codes

Terms and Conditions

  • Your Zong SIM must support 3G or 4G SIM.
  • To get the free Zong Google Map package you need to subscribe to the bundle every day.
  • is the 250 MB you subscribe to the offer.
  • You cannot download a map or location.
  • You will be charged according to the activated package on any external links.
  • The latest version of Google Maps supports zero rating with android GMM 10.48 and above mobile phones or iOS GMM 5.51.

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