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In Pakistan, there are four mobile operators. They all offer calling packages to clients as they know that most people prefer to call just because of the hectic routine. To facilitate the customers, these operators are offering daily, weekly and monthly calling packages according to their requirements. These different calling packages from Zong provide options to customers so that they can easily meet their requirements. So don’t worry, PhoneWorld always comes up with a solution to please its readers.

Student Offer

Package Price Validity Details
Active Code
Zong Super Student Bundle Rs 5 incl Tax Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 30 MB data Next one Hour Just Dial *5555#

The Zong Super Student Bundle offers unlimited network minutes and 30MB of data for one hour. Offer is available at PKR 5 plus tax. Just dial * 5555 # to subscribe to the offer.

For prepaid

Here are different daily calling packages along with other incentives. However, Prepaid Customers can choose the package of their need.

Active Code
Zong Daily Full GupRs 5 plus Tax75 Free On-Net Minutes 30MB Internet + 100 SMS1Day*118*1#
Daily Voice OfferRs 5 20 on-Net mintus1Day*45#
Zong Shandar Daily OfferRs 14 plus taxUnlimited minutes on the network 50 MB of Internet + 800 SMS1Day*999#
Zong Hello 1 Day OfferRs 13 Plus tax150 free minutes in the network 50 MB of Internet + 150 SMS1Day*2200*1#
Zong flutter PackagesRs 12 plus tax120 free minutes in the network 120 SMS 50 MB Internet1Day*369#
Zong sixer Plus PackageRs 8 plus taxUnlimited minutes on the network 500 SMS 1 MB of Internet6am-6pm*666#
Zong non-Stop PackageRs 10 Plus taxUnlimited On-Net MinutesExcept 7pm to 10pm) 1 Day*777#

Call Packages 2022 | Zong Call Packages

offers a variety of daily calling packages for its clients. The Full Gup package offers 75 free minutes on the network, 30 MB of Internet and 100 SMS for 24 hours. The package price is PKR 5 plus tax. To subscribe, dial * 118 * 1 #. The Daily Voice offer provides 20 minutes on the net at PKR 5 for one day.

You can subscribe by dialing * 45 #. The Shandar offer offers unlimited minutes on the net, 50 MB of Internet and 800 SMS at PKR 14 plus taxes for one day. Dial * 999 # to subscribe to the offer.

Moving towards the offer Zong Hello 1 Din provides 150 minutes on the network, 50 MB of Internet and 150 SMS to PKR 13 plus taxes for 24 hours. You can subscribe to the offer by dialing the code in the table. The Zong Flutter package offers 120 minutes on the web, 120 SMS and 50 MB of Internet for one day at PKR 12 plus taxes.

Now, if we talk about the Zong Sixer Plus package, it offers unlimited minutes on the network, 500 SMS and 1 MB of Internet for 1 day (6 am – 6 pm). The Zong Daily Non-Stop package offers unlimited online minutes that can be used between 10 pm and 7 pm every day at PKR 10 plus tax. You can mark the subscription code from the table to take advantage of this offer.

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