Zong load Reversal Code 2021

We show zong load return code or zong retailer reverse load code in this post. You send Wrong wrong person wrong number when you load from zong retailers or another banking. App we are complete instructions on how to return your load just read the whole article. No need to Worry about withdrawing your balance.

How to return zong load – zong load reversal code

You have mistakenly transferred the load to another wrong number and now you want to restore. Load balance only follows simple steps to return the Zong Load

open your mobile phone messaging app and write a message.

Now ask your zong retailer for your load code 11 digits and your retailer pin code.

Type a message with your redone code, pin code.

Send it to 212 or 33567.

Now you can withdraw your balance after few minutes.

How to return zong load by call?

There is Another way to easily return your zong load. Just follow the following steps

Open your mobile phone dialer pad and dial 170.

Now, provide them with the transaction number and other details about your issue
After that your problem is solved.

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